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Home Cleansing Sessions

What is a Home Cleansing?

Mindfully bring balance and healing energy into your home by getting the energy flowing again! Purifying and releasing stagnant, negative energy from your home (or any space) helps lift vibrations and restores calm and harmony.

This can be done for any home you currently own, a newly purchased home to clear past energies, or to help clear energy to aid in selling a home.

When should I cleanse my home?

You can schedule a home cleansing with Brandy whenever you feel the energy in your home needs a little boost. Regular cleansing will help keep your home in harmony!

Choose the "Home Cleanse" or the "Welcome Home" package, which includes a gift bag of amazing, hand-crafted healing products at a discounted price.

What does a home cleansing cost?

Each home cleansing costs $80.

Additional costs may apply for locations further than 30 minutes drive time from Inver Grove Heights. Ask for details.

Schedule a home cleansing today!

Schedule your home cleansing today and get ready to experience the balance and harmony of your cleansed home.