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Intuitive Energy Healing Sessions

What is an Intuitive Healing Session?

Before each session, you will work with Brandy to set your intention. Why do you want a session? Are you seeking clarity or direction in an area of your life? Do you hope to connect with loved ones? Keep it simple and try not to overthink it.

During an intuitive healing session, Brandy works to heal the body of stress, pain and uncertainty. She then brings in light, positive energy, and intuitive messages of clarity around your intention. Each session is performed on a Betar bed. A Betar bed helps assist the body in healing through frequency, sound, vibration, and grounding energy waves.

You will leave your session feeling light, balanced, and more upbeat.

Are there different types of sessions?

You can schedule a healing session with Brandy in-person or over the phone.

Both sessions offer intuitive guidance, clarity, and lift vibrations—but Brandy knows everyone has different schedules and comfort levels. Choose the session that works best for you!

What does a healing session cost?

Each session is 60 minutes long, and costs $70.

Add an Infrared Sauna session to your session for just $20. It's a great way to detox the body and create a spa experience, with many amazing health benefits. Shower and towels are provided.

Can I enjoy wine while I wait?

Alcohol is welcome, but does lower your frequency. I want you and your guests to have the best sessions possible, so I suggest that drinks are limited prior to your session.

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